Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

Ah, Thanksgiving! I’m not sure about your home, but mine is filled with an abundance of food: from the turkey and ham, to the mash potatoes, to the plethora of desserts. Time with family and friends to share an amazing meal, and then a long nap afterwards – what more can you ask for?

Food is such an integral part of our celebrations in life. And, food nutrition is an integral part of Chinese Medicine. Chinese Medicine categorizes foods by temperature, flavor, and therapeutic action. Your body’s underlying constitution, such as core body temperature and digestive health, determines which foods are most suitable for you.

In order to choose the appropriate foods, you need to identify where you are imbalanced in regards to your health. For example, a person who is always hot would benefit from eating foods that are cooling. On the other hand, someone who tends to have cold extremities should eat more foods that promote qicirculation. Come by the clinic and we can help you identify your body’s needs.

Below is a list of common Thanksgiving foods and spices, and their properties. 

Turkey is warm, sweet, and tonifies qi.
Spinach is cool, sweet, tonifies blood and yinandcounteracts heat.
Apple is cooling, sweet and sour, tonifies yin and qi, counteracts heat, and removes toxins.
Cranberries are cold, sweet and sour, and counteract damp heat.
Carrot is neutral, sweet, tonifies qi, promotes qi circulation, counteracts heat and damp heat, and clears toxins.
Pumpkin is warm, sweet, tonifies qi, promotes blood circulation, counteracts cold and dampnessand resolves phlegm.
Potato is neutral, sweet, tonifies qi and yin, andcounteracts heat.
Sweet potato is neutral, sweet, tonifies qi, blood and yin, as well as removes toxins.
String beans are neutral, sweet, and tonify yin.
Pepper helps warm the interior.
Nutmeg is warm, pungent, tonifies yang, counteracts cold, and promotes qi and blood circulation.

Points of Wellness wishes everyone a healthy Thanksgiving. We are thankful for each and every one of you!